Welcome to Rygaards International School


Rygaards International School is a private, Christian/Catholic, co-educational establishment. It is recognised by and subject to, Danish law and receives a subsidy from the Danish State.

The school is a member of COBIS (The Council of British International Schools), the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and the Association of Catholic Schools in Denmark (FAKS)

The School is managed by a Board of Governors consisting of 5 members and is a non-profit making institution. The day to day running of the school is managed by a team of 5 leaders.

The school buildings, which include the eighteenth-century manor house, from which the school derives its name, are sited on the original wooded parkland which is now a protected green-belt area.

The school is in Hellerup, an attractive suburb, 15 minutes north of the centre of Copenhagen, and is easily accessible by bus and train.

The Sisters of the Assumption started the school in 1909 and the connection with this Order is still strong. The present school continues to follow the goals of those early beginnings, namely to offer an excellent quality of education in a Christian spirit.

The school is actualy two schools under one roof, a Danish School and an International School.

The Danish School has approx. 450 students from 6-16 years of age and serves a community that is permanently resident in Denmark. It prepares the students, in Danish, for further education in Danish institutions.

The International School has approx. 450 students from 4-16 years of age and caters - irrespective of creed and nationality - for those who are only in Denmark on a temporary basis.

School Structure


The aim of the International School is to provide a sound education, in English, in order to enable students to return to their own national system, or continue at another international school.

For both schools particular emphasis is placed upon mutual understanding and respect among the many nationalities in the two school. The education given is, above all, in the Christian spirit; great importance is placed upon the religious and moral development of the individual student. Religious Awareness programmes are offered to all students. Roman Catholics are given separate instruction.


Rygaards International
Primary School

Key stage 1
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Key stage 2
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Rygaards International
Secondary School
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Key stage 4

2 Year 10 class
2 Year 11 class


The International School has its own staff of permanently resident, fully qualified, experienced teachers who are native speakers of English. Foreign language teachers - French and German - are native speakers of the languages they teach.


This is based on The British System adapted to International needs. Attention is paid to The National Curriculum. In order to ensure a good standard is maintained, which is universally accepted, standardised tests: NFER. English progress, PIPS, InCAS, SOSCA, CIE check point, GCE O level and IGCSE are taken each year.


The local Parish Church  of St. Theresa is an integral part of the school buildings and is used by the school for both Catholic and Ecumenical services. There are 2 gymnasia, 2 science laboratories, a special service unit, various specialist rooms and extensive grounds which are shared by both departments.

The biology/science laboratory.

The School is a centre for University of Cambridge International Examinations. Arrangements can be made for other external examinations e.g. P.S.A.T and Common Entrance.


Application forms should be completed online. Click here for the On-line application form.

It is not always possible to find places at the school for all who seek admission. It is advisable to apply early. Children must be 4 years old by 1st. October before they can be admitted. As students come from so many different backgrounds it is essential that as much information as possible is available before they arrive at the school so that they may be correctly placed in the appropriate class. Students are required to pass an entrance test before they are enrolled.

Students who do not speak English may be accepted, provided the school is sure that they will benefit from the education offered at Rygaards. These students are admitted on probationary basis initially, and for the first months are placed in a special intensive English programme; their progress is regularly assessed to make sure that it is to their advantage to have their education in English. Should the initial support programme prove inadequate parents may be asked to pay extra for private tuition.The school year begins in August and ends in June.

Extra Mural

A wide-ranging programme is organised each year by a committee of parents and offered to students from both the Danish and International schools. The programme begins in September and finishes in May. It takes place on the school premises from 15.00 - 16.30 hrs. each weekday and includes classes in cooking, music, drama, creative arts and games etc.

The charges for the After School Activities Programme are payable to the organising committee. Further information is provided on enrolment.

In the secondary School there is an annual ski-trip to Switzerland. This is not subsidised by the school.

Parents' Association

All parents are asked to subscribe on a family basis 150Dkr per year. The parent Association elects a Committee which has its own rooms on the school premises. Its purpose is to help the International School, and to give help and advice to new families arriving in Denmark. The International Parents' Committee co-operates with the corresponding Parents' Committee of the Danish School on projects of mutual interest.